Pet Food Solutions

Sevvalusa provides specialized pet food packaging machines for packaging various pet food and treat products including kibbles, jerky, strips, sticks, and extruded treats. These machines are capable of filling, bagging, wrapping, and container filling. The packplus line of packaging machines can handle stand-up pouch packaging, specifically filling and sealing pet products into doy and quad style bags with zipper closures. These machines are designed to meet the needs of the growing pet food industry, offering efficient and reliable packaging solutions for pet food manufacturers.

Sevvalusa  provides custom solutions for pet food packaging based on customer requirements. we work closely with customers to ensure complete satisfaction by recommending the best fit and creating a unique solution if necessary. The goal is to meet each requirement accurately when packaging pet food, treats, and other pet products. Sevvalusa strives to provide reliable and efficient packaging solutions for pet food manufacturers.

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