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SEVVALusa offers comprehensive coffee production lines for the entire coffee production process, from the early stages of preparation to final packaging. The services offered include: Bean transfer, Coffee roasting, Grinding, Blending, Bagging. Sevvalusa also provides automated coffee processing solutions for greater efficiency and consistency in the production process. The company strives to offer integrated and comprehensive coffee production lines to meet the needs of coffee manufacturers.

Having or Starting a coffee roasting business can be a rewarding and lucrative venture, and having the right equipment is essential to success. At our company, we offer a wide range of coffee roasting and processing equipment to help businesses of all sizes roast and process high-quality coffee.

Our coffee roasters are designed to roast coffee beans to a desired level of flavor, allowing coffee roasters to fine-tune the roast to their specific preferences.

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Let us be part of your success, so you can focus on branding, marketing, and sales campaigns, while we lift the burden of roasting and packaging solutions off your shoulders.

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