Continuous frying system

Sevvalusa is a leading manufacturer of industrial oil fryers, and their fryers are widely recognized as some of the best in the industry. When it comes to frying nuts and snacks, their fryers offer a number of benefits for both new and existing roasting businesses.

Fryer Output Capacity lbs/hr up to 6000

 Indirect atmospheric continuous frying system

  • Product feeding system
  •  Oil filtration through a belt and paper filter is a method of removing impurities from oil Frying system that controls and maintains the oil level in a fryer without the need for manual adjustments. It can automatically adjust the oil level to the desired level and maintain it within a certain range,
  •  Automatically raises and lowers the hood of a fryer to provide access to the frying area. 
  • Frying oil/thermal oil exchanger 
  • Oil circulation system 
  • Oil cooler paper filter 
  • The rounded corners and sloped bottom also help to prevent food from getting stuck in the corners and make it easier to remove the food from the fryer. Automatic temperature control 
  • Easy access to all the internal components. The accessibility from underneath also allows for better cleaning and maintenance of the fryer
  • Touch screen operating system 
  • Oil tanks are designed to be stationary, so that the oil can be easily accessed and used as needed during production. This can help improve the efficiency of the frying process by ensuring that a sufficient supply of oil is readily available.
Pre-Salter Oil Fryer Automatic Seasoning Cooling Inspection ( metal detector) Outfeed Elevator

Oil Roaster Continuous Nut Fryer

Processable Products

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