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Coffee Roasting and Processing

Having or Starting a coffee roasting business can be a rewarding and lucrative venture, and having the right equipment is essential to success. At our company, we offer a wide range of coffee roasting and processing equipment to help businesses of all sizes roast and process high-quality coffee.

Our coffee roasters are designed to roast coffee beans to a desired level of flavor, allowing coffee roasters to fine-tune the roast to their specific preferences.

In addition to our coffee roasting equipment, we also offer a range of coffee processing like, blending, grinding, transporting equipment. These equipments are designed to blend coffee beans, Move beans and grind coffee beans to a specific size and consistency, making it easy to prepare coffee for brewing.

There are many benefits to using our  coffee roaster, and having the right equipment is an important factor in achieving success. Some of the benefits of using our eb series coffee roasters include:

  • The ability to control the quality and flavor of the final product with freindly user PLC screen. Easy to create Profile for each batch of roasting 

  • The opportunity to differentiate your products: By offering unique roast profiles and coffee blends, 

Every Barista wants to know about roasting  and want to develop flavour by roasting coffee. Using our roaster you can achieve best tasting coffee

How can we achieve the best tasting coffee? What actually happens when roasting? Our company offers a wide range of equipment to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, helping them produce high-quality coffee and achieve success.

EB 5 Coffee Roaster, Best Coffee Roaster for shops
EB30 Coffee Roaster is ideal for mid size coffee processor. It comes with feeder.
EB60 Coffee Roaster Industrial size coffee roaster with destoner option.
EB120 Coffee Roaster is Fully automatic compact batch coffee roaster.
EB500 series roasting ovens with the specification which is keeping same taste of nuts and seeds while roasting.

Stories Coffee Shops

Grid Coffee Shop
One of about 3 roasters at the Grid Coffee Roasters, who supply cafes from around the country freshly roasted coffee beans,
At Grid Coffee Roasters there is no shortage of design flourishes with a hand panted menu on the rustic brick wall as well as a snaking copper down-pipe supplying cold water to the coffee machine. Just next door is the Grid Coffee Roasters run by Gav and Nic. I’ve known Gav and Nic from their days running the Baldwin street cafe. I love this place, and it’s definitely a top spot to grab a coffee on the go
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