Sevvalusa is a global manufacturer of nut roasting machinery and provides complete solutions for foods production. With a team of experienced professionals, the company is dedicated to helping producers produce better and tastier nuts while developing new products. The CEO and head of manufacturing have prior experience in the nut producing industry, providing a unique perspective on the challenges and needs of nut processing.

Sevvalusa’s sales team has both technical and production experience, making them well equipped to serve customers. The company has a successful track record of building production lines for companies of all sizes, from small-scale production to high volume production. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Sevvalusa is a trusted partner for nut production solutions.

Generations of Innovation In the Roasting and Packaging Industry

SEVVALUSA is your trusted provider of high-quality nut roasting, coffee roasting, packaging, chocolate and honey coating and other machinery solutions. We are a leading company based in the United States, dedicated to providing our customers with the best equipment and services in the industry.

Our nut roasting machinery is designed to roast a variety of nuts, including almonds, peanuts, and cashews, to perfection. Our coffee roasters are built to provide consistent and precise roasting, ensuring that your coffee beans are roasted to your desired level.

We also offer a wide range of packaging solutions for various food products, including nuts, coffee, and chocolate. Our machinery is designed to provide efficient and accurate packaging, ensuring that your products are protected and preserved during transport and storage.

In addition to our nut and coffee roasting equipment, we also provide chocolate and honey coating machinery. Our chocolate coating machinery is perfect for creating delicious chocolate-covered treats, while our honey coating equipment allows for the precise application of honey to various food products.

At SEVVALUSA, we are committed to providing our customers with the best equipment and services in the industry. Our team of experienced technicians is always on hand to provide support and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Our Story

In 1957, Mr. Hasan BOYACI invented and built the first yellow roasted chickpea machine, marking the beginning of dry fruit machinery manufacture.

Later in 1980, Mr. Mehmet BOYACI began mass-producing the conveyor band roasting oven, which was popular for its versatility, capacity, expandability, and adaptability to food regulations, leading to strong demand from both local and international markets.

Throughout this outgrowth, SEVVALUSA’s range of available machinery expanded vastly to include all roasting and packaging equipment and suit various international standards.

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