Blending and Mixing System

A sensitive weighing and homogeneous mixing system for nuts would be necessary for applications where a high degree of accuracy and consistency is required, such as in the food industry.

Easy to create recipes accodingly any final trail mixes

Economical precise weighing which accuracy 2-4%

No damage products while weighing and charing

Simple Sanitation every parts of unit easy taking out for cleaning

Precise Weighing, Homogeneous Mixing.

A sensitive weighing and homogeneous mixing system for nuts would typically include a high-precision scale to accurately measure the weight of the nuts before they are mixed. The scale would be able to handle small weight increments and have a high resolution, in order to measure the individual ingredients with great accuracy.

Once the nuts have been weighed, they would be transported to a homogeneous mixer, which would use a specific technique to ensure that the nuts are evenly distributed and blended together.

Our blender can be used for a wide range of snack foods, nuts and trail mixes, fruit snacks, frozen fruits and vegetables, wrapped candies, cereal, and pet food.

The blender’s design allows it to handle various types and sizes of food products, including dry, wet, and frozen items. The mixing system can be customized to suit the specific needs of the product, such as adjusting the mixing speed, time, and temperature, to ensure that the final product is homogeneous and of the desired consistency.

For example, for a snack food like trail mix, the blender would be set to blend the ingredients gently to avoid crushing the nuts and other delicate ingredients

Our blender work for any kind of Snack foods, Nuts and trail mixes, Fruit snacks, Frozen fruits and vegetables, Wrapped candies, Cereal and  Pet food

  • Electric power 3 kW
  • Air pressure 6-8 bar
  • Air consumption 300 lt/min
  • User friendly colored touch screen.
    Easy use with the user friendly colored touch screen.

  • Shaft with compressed air.
    Shaft with compressed air can easily fix the packing coil on the machine

  • Belt.
    The fast and rigid pulling with the long life linatex coated belts for packing material.

  • Jaw pressure fixing.
    The sensative pulling of the packing material with constant air pressure from the single center by sensetive U jaws aid. Servo Motor option.

  • Reductor gear.
    The packing material is drawn easily with the reductor gear and the pressure on the belt is less.

  • Special coil system.
    Any printer can be installed easily with the special coil system.

Technology in a single key
Nuts Roasting Machines operation is quite easy with friendly touch screen panels. End of the day production and operator reporting can be added in software optionally. Maintance is more easy with online connection to PLC

Optional Solutions…
All software programs are written bu Sevval Makine engineers. According to special needs of the customeri, additionals can be done.


PACKPLUS MX6 Nuts Mixing Machine… Sensitive Weighing, Homogeneous Mixing.

Are you in search of a high-performance solution for efficiently mixing snacks and nuts?

Our blender incorporates a precise weighing system that ensures each ingredient is measured according to the recipe. With advanced technology and precision scales, you can achieve the perfect proportions every time.

Once the ingredients are weighed, they are seamlessly transferred onto the conveyor system. Our conveyor system is specifically designed to handle delicate snacks and nuts, ensuring controlled movement without compromising their integrity.

Next, the ingredients smoothly make their way to the blending drum. This innovative drum is engineered to provide a gentle mixing environment, preventing any fragility or damage to the snacks and nuts. As the drum rotates, the ingredients are evenly blended, resulting in a consistent and high-quality mixture.

From precise weighing to controlled conveying and gentle blending, our industrial blender guarantees superior results. Experience an efficient and precise system that maintains the delicate nature of snacks and nuts throughout the mixing process.

Choose our Industrial Blender for Mixing Snacks & Nuts and elevate your production to new heights. Contact us today to learn more. sevvalusa @sevvalusa

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