The Packplus Q35 is a high-performance vertical form fill and seal packaging machine that offers automation and efficiency. It can produce up to 80 bags per minute and is suitable for a variety of snack and food applications. The machine also has a quick and simple mechanism for changing out formers, allowing for flexibility in the types of bags that can be produced.



4 Sides Sealed Pouch Machines...

The Packplus Q35 is a versatile packaging machine that offers a wide range of options for creating different types of bags, including quadro packing, stand-up, and pillow packs. This flexibility allows for a wide range of products to be packaged, including powders, talcs, and granular products. With an adjustable packing system, it is possible to adapt to the specific demands of the market, making it an ideal choice for companies looking to stand out on the shelves.

  • Total Electric Power 3 kW
  • Air Pressure 6-8 bar
  • Air Consumption 300 lt/min
  • Capacity 30-50 Filled packs/min
  • Total Electric Power 3 kW
  • Air Pressure 6-8 bar
  • Air Consumption 300 lt/min
  • Capacity 30-50 Filled packs/min

Adjustable packing system according to the demand of the market. Powder, talc and granulated products can be packed.

  • User friendly colored touch screen.
    Easy use with the user friendly colored touch screen.

  • Shaft with compressed air.
    Shaft with compressed air can easily fix the packing coil on the machine

  • Belt.
    The fast and rigid pulling with the long life linatex coated belts for packing material.

  • Jaw pressure fixing.
    The sensative pulling of the packing material with constant air pressure from the single center by sensetive U jaws aid. Servo Motor option.

  • Reductor gear.
    The packing material is drawn easily with the reductor gear and the pressure on the belt is less.

  • Special coil system.
    Any printer can be installed easily with the special coil system.

Technology in a single key
Nuts Roasting Machines operation is quite easy with friendly touch screen panels. End of the day production and operator reporting can be added in software optionally. Maintance is more easy with online connection to PLC

Optional Solutions…
All software programs are written bu Sevval Makine engineers. According to special needs of the customeri, additionals can be done.


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