Automatic Pre-Made Pouch Packing Machine Plus Pro Single

The automatic packing   pre-made pouch packaging machines  Single pro Series are designed for automatically opening, filling, sealing pre-made pouches, which can operate on variety of bag styles, including spouted pouches, 3 or 4 side sealed, pillow pouches, stand up bags, gusseted pouches, quad sealed and box pouches with zipper or not. Designed for a variety of industries and for Nuts, coffee, pasta, cereals, pet foods and liquid products, this equipment includes features that exceed product requirements.


  • Flexibility for a wide variety of bag styles and ranges
  • Quick changeovers
  • Fast-acting, & reliable

Up to 50 Pouches per min

Automatic Pre-Made Pouch Packing Machine Plus Pro Single

we manufacture high-quality pouch filling solutions for both pre-made pouches and pre-made wicket bags. Our pouch filling machines are designed to automatically open, fill and seal a wide range of pouches.

Pouch Size

Size of Pouch

Roasting Time

< 15 minute batch


6’ 8” x 6‘2“ x 5’ 5”
1000 lbs

Servo Control

Single Phase, 110-220-230V, 20A, 50-60Hz


HMI System Motion Control

Servo Control

Servo Control 24 pcs

Data Logging

Fan Speed, Drum Speed, Bean Temp


Compatibility with Third party Software Cropster, Artisat etc.

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