OS02 Manual Nuts seasoning and salting machines with all kinds of soslayabilir with natural flavors as soon as coffee and salt marsh.

Manual dry Fruite and seasoning machine

Total electric power 1.5 kW

Technology in a single key
Nuts Roasting Machines operation is quite easy with friendly touch screen panels. End of the day production and operator reporting can be added in software optionally. Maintance is more easy with online connection to PLC

Optional Solutions…
All software programs are written bu Sevval Makine engineers. According to special needs of the customeri, additionals can be done.


Optional Equipment

Spraying system and powder distribution system

Spraying system and powder distribution system developed by Easyroast Engineers which helps homogeneous and flexible production.


In application of flavoring products absorbing humidity so special design of drying will help to have more shelf life and crispy products.


After flavoring you may cool with great cooling systems.

Do you want to make final check ?

You can make final check of your products at ergonomic and hygenic automated selection belt systems

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